Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fingerlings! The Hottest Christmas Toy for 2017


Fingerlings are one of the most sought-after toys this holiday season, and these mini robot monkeys are also among the hardest items to find in stores.

Fingerlings respond to touch, motion, and sound with head turning, blinking eyes, and silly monkey babble.  Blow them a kiss, and they will kiss you back!  Hang them upside-down by the tail and watch them monkey around!  Put them to sleep or make a loud noise and watch them get excited!  Get them while you can!

Fingerlings are the must have gift to be put under the tree this Christmas 2017.  They come in a cute ray of colors to match any little girls favorite.  They are being sold out everywhere and some have even over-priced these little tiny monkeys because of the supply and demand. 

Fingerlings also make great gifts for the little girls you know as they are priced at about $14.99.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hand Stamping Your Kids Names on Jewelry Gifts


Hand Stamping Metal Jewelry

Great Book Find

I am super excited to share with you this new book.  I bought it as soon as it came out to write a review.  I've been tinkering around with hand stamping metal for a while now.  I like to make jewelry and I think personalizing jewelry is the best.  As gifts, it makes people think you were thoughtful about the gift and I believe they treasure it more.  It's also pretty cool to make your own hand stamped jewelry.

Don't know what hand stamping is?  Hand stamping is when you take alphabet or design metal stamps and hit them with a hammer to leave an impression on metal.  You can stamp on copper, nickel, aluminum, brass, sterling silver, etc.  And the metal "blanks" come in all different shapes.  I like doing it also, it's fun.  It took me a while, but with lots of practice I got better each time. 

I bought another hand stamping book a while ago and was very disappointed.  It went too far away from hand stamping, and was also double the price!  This book concentrates only on hand stamping.  It's only a 50 page book, but it's packed with information and examples to get your mind flowing. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Personalized Christmas

I just love personalized gifts.  I think they are just that, personalized.  When you personalize something as a gift to someone, it means more.  That you put the time into getting it personalized just for them.  I also love receiving personalized gifts also, like mugs with pictures and names. 

This year I found myself looking for my 5 year olds Christmas gift.  I was told she needed clothes.  I thought it would be a great idea to purchase the letter "J" on her shirts to iron on.  I could purchase inexpensive shirts and buy iron ons.  I searched and searched and found some really cute ones to share with you. 

This first one is only $2.50 and makes such a beautiful iron on.  The sparkles and the butterfly are super cute.  The second one is from the same seller on Etsy with a super adorable elephant.

How about this pretty initial with name iron on?  I love it!  Or the Owl.  Both are from the same shop.  Always check with the shipping policies to know when they can ship.  Some take more times creating than others. 

Take a look at these Elsa and Anna Frozen Printables.  You purchase the transfer paper and print.  They are spectacular.  Any little girl would just love them.  These are all from the same shop.

There are so many different personalized iron ons.  I would check out Etsy to find the perfect match.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Custom Baby Crib Bedding for Nursery

Custom Baby Crib Bedding

This was so much fun picking out my favorite bedding for your little ones.  At first I was overwhelmed with how many there was to post from Etsy.  But, I then had to break it down by color and sex.  Usually the mom has a certain color in mind for their child's room, this made it much easier to pick my top picks.  Some of them were a bit pricy, so I tried to get a good range of different prices while looking.  Here are my top picks in baby bedding starting with the first color in the rainbow :


Red isn't the most "normal" color for a baby's nursery room, but you can certainly have a lot of fun with it adding primary colors.  The one on the left below is beautiful and really pops.  For the walls, you can go with white, tan, and you can add a red accent colored wall for color.  White or tan walls in the baby room with the red accent color behind the crib would be the way to go.  The play ball crib bedding is super cute.  The walls can be blue, white or tan for a boy, or use red for a baby girl.
Black and White and Red Baby Bedding 4 piece set, Ladybug themeCustom Baby Bedding Set Lucas -  Sports w/ Navy Chevron and Red Stars


I'm a big fan of orange, and these two were my top picks.  I especially love the bedding on the right.  The navy mixed with orange really nails it.  You can paint the walls orange, blue, white, tan.  The crib bedding on the left is adorable also.  I would paint the walls a light blue for a boy and a peachy orange for a girl.
Custom Baby Bedding Set Reagan -  Lime Green Chevron with Aqua and OrangeCustom Baby Bedding Set Kyle - Navy Chevron with Orange


Yellow is such a happy color and soothing for a baby's nursery.  I love the one on the right as you can play around with other colors in the material she used in the bedding.  Walls can range in a variety of different colors which makes it fun.
Yellow and Gray Mod Lattice Designer Baby Bedding, Modern Crib Bedding, Grey Baby BeddingCustom Baby Girl Crib Bedding-  Lily Belle Design


Green can definitely work for box sexes.  I just love the dainty one on the right.  It also has other colors mixed in, making the walls more fun to play with.  The one on the right is bold and more suited for a boy, but can also work for a baby girls crib.
Custom Baby Bedding Set Kerry -  Navy Chevron and Stripes with Lime GreenGirl Baby Crib Bedding: Bebe Jardin 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set by Carousel Designs


This was actually quite hard to pick two that I liked.  I searched and searched and finally came up with these two.  The one on the left is very darling and more suited for a "fancier" home, while the crib bedding on the right is more casual.
Boy Baby Crib Bedding: Windy Day Crib Bedding - Fabric Swatches OnlyBlue and Gray Damask Crib Bedding - SWATCH SET


This was most fun for me because purple is my favorite color, but I wasn't thrilled with the results.  I like the one on the right because you can play around with more colors on the walls and the rest of the d├ęcor.  The crib bedding on the left is eye catching and will definitely be the focal point of your baby's nursery.
SALE! AVA 5 piece crib bedding set - Custom baby beddingGirl Baby Crib Bedding Custom Girl Crib Bedding Idea - Violet Suzani 2-Piece Skirt and Sheet Set by Carousel Designs


The pink crib bedding below on the left is just darling.  It shouts "precious baby girl".  The detail in the laying of the different fabrics is outstandingly done.  One of my favorite shops for baby bedding, click on the picture to check it out.  The one on the right is beautiful also, bot too over the top, but with the added initials, it really takes the cake.
Girl Baby Crib Bedding: Pink and Gray Chevron 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set by Carousel DesignsPink and GRay damask Baby bedding Crib set FUll payment 

Favorite Color Combinations 

The bottom few stood our for their colors.  I just love the use of different patterns and color combinations this artist creates.  The store is called LotieDaBaby on Etsy. 
Aqua and Lavender Lottie Da crib beddingTopiary Ruffles baby girl crib bedding

Over the top Bedding for Baby

These below are simply gorgeous with out breaking the bank.  The shop is called EileenKids and they start around $375  The skirts on these baby cribs pictured are just beautiful.
Custom crib set Pink Angel Toile with whites and Ivory accentsGirls Custom Crib  luxury Pink and Purple Princess Castle theme  bedding SetCustom Crib  Set Luxury Bedding Pink and Ivory Baby Bedding
Below are some Super Fancy Crib Bedding that all come from the same shop called HugBugBedding on Etsy.  These really take the cake.  They range around $700.  The bows on the bedding are simply to die for.
Silk Crib BeddingFaux Silk and Lace Bedding

Precious Baby Bedding

The shop called Social Baby Bedding on Etsy has the most gorgeous, stunning baby crib bedding I've ever seen.  Here are my top three from her collection.  They start around $650.  If I ever did have a baby, I think I would purchase one from her shop.  I just love the one in the middle.
Coral, Navy, and Jade Three Piece Baby Bedding Set3 Piece Crib Bedding - silver, fuchsia, coral, baby pink, tiffany blue, french lilac, cream, champagne, taupe, white, by Social BabySocial Baby Signature Silk Baby Bedding


I had to add this baby bedding in because it's unique and different from any others that I've seen. Love how you can play around with all the different colors.
Garden Dot custom Crib bedding

Special Niche Baby Bedding by Baby Bedding JBD

With an average price of $300, it's worth taking a look at this shop.  I wanted to keep posting and posting pictures of her bedding as they range from casual to rich. 
Custom Crib Bedding Set Logan -Vintage Airplanes with GrayCustom Crib Bedding Set Hunter -  Navy Chevron, Lime Pinstripes, and Orange with Deer Design
Baby Crib Bedding Set Tori - Navy Anchors with Pink Stripes and Pink Polka DotsCustom Crib Bedding Set Travis - Helicopters with Navy Chevron, Orange, and Lime
Custom Crib Bedding Olivia - Lavender, Gray, and YellowBaby Crib Bedding Set Madison - Kumari Garden with 3 tiered skirt

Round Cribs

 I'm not sure how popular round cribs are, but I had to add these two to my collection of top pictures.  I don't care for the crib itself, I would prefer white or black, but the designs are gorgeous. Round Crib Bedding Blue Yellow and Cream Made To Order
This was so much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Mobile

Baby Mobiles, Butterfly Mobile, Nursery Mobiles, Pink, White and Grey Nursery Decor, Baby Girl Mobile

This is such a wonderful baby mobile.  Not only can you use it while your baby is in the crib, you can use it after as a hanging decoration.  I love how you can pick your colors.  It's really beautiful and tops my list of the best handmade mobile.

Heirloom Baby Mobile, Hot Air Balloon, Baby Mobile, Map Fabric, Travel Theme Nursery, Nursery Decor, Grey and Khaki, Baby Shower GiftPink, Aqua Baby Mobile, Hot Air Balloon, Nursery Decor, Custom Baby Mobile, personalized, Baby Shower Gift, Made to Order
How adorable are these hot air balloon mobiles.  They made such a soft sweet statement for any baby's' nursery.

Owls are all the rage these days and these baby mobile owls are super divine.  I love all the different colors you can choose from depending on the color of the room.

Aqua Grey Baby Mobile--Nursery Mobile--Crib Mobile--Shower Gift--Custom Fabric Mobile--Chevron Baby MobileBaby Mobile--Aqua Yellow Grey Jungle Animal Mobile

The shop above specializes in elephant and animal mobiles that are very sweet and cute.

Baby mobile - Mobile moon - Elephant mobile - Crib Mobile elephant - Baby Mobile StarsREADY TO SHIP - Baby mobile - Owl mobile - Baby crib mobile - Baby mobile owl
How a adorable are these two hanging mobiles for above the crib?  They scream cute!  I just love the elephant on the moon and owls on the branch.  Check out this girls shop as she has many more to choose from.

While coming up with this list of favorite mobiles, I kept in mind of not over stimulating the baby.  That's why they are mostly soft colors and I do believe they are better than having your baby stare at the ceiling.  Click on their pictures to direct you to the Etsy shop selling the items, or make your own!