Tuesday, March 4, 2014


There is nothing like driving up to your house and seeing a beautiful wreath hanging from your door.  It just gives a warm sense to the home.  I love homes decorated with wreaths.  Click on the pictures to purchase.  These are a few that stood out.

This one looks fabulous on a black painted door as the colors POP.  Simply stunning.

Hydrangea Wreath, SPRING Wreaths, Spring Decorations, Etsy Wreaths, Spring Summer Hydrangeas, Home and Living
This one below is soft and beautiful, giving a subtle look.
Another Shabby Cottage Chic Wreath, I just love the ribbon, key, and flowers.
I just love the big ribbon on this next one.  Again, the black door is your background that makes the wreath POP even more.  Think about changing your door color to black as it does add sophistication to most homes.
I just had to add this next wreath in as for Disney lovers, it is a winner!
I thought this Beach House Wreath was really cute for a bungalow type home down the shore.  Adorable.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Ready Baby Shower Gifts

I just found this really great store on Etsy for everything baby that I had to share with you.  Check out this great gift, at a great price.

It includes:
2 flannel receiving blankets
4 newborn diapers
1 baby bodysuit
4 washcloths

All for only $29, saving you the hassle of purchasing separately, and the wrapping is done for you.  This is such a great gift.

Check out these peapod favors, they are so cute and only $7

This set is really adorable, and for only $32, your gift is all ready to give.  I love it!
It includes:
2 flannel receiving blankets
4 newborn diapers
1 set of travel wipes
2 bodysuits
4 washcloths
2 bibs
This next gift is very practical and adorably wrapped.
For only $22, you get:
1 receiving blanket
10 Pampers swaddlers diapers
1 36 ct pack of pampers sensitive wipes
These are just a few examples of what her store has to offer.  It's also a great place to gather ideas of what you can create yourself if you have the time.

Friday, February 28, 2014


they don't understand...

From when I was a little girl, I've dealt with the debilitating effects of depression.  It has been difficult in dealing with and living with, but what is the other option.  There isn't any.  So you go day by day hoping that you will have even a glimpse of happiness even if it lasts for only an hour.  Just the momentary escape from what you've been feeling can be so uplifting.  It's only fault is that it doesn't last for someone who has been suffering for such a long period of time. 

No one understands.  You might confide in your friends and family, but they don't understand if they haven't been there.  This is not your typical I don't feel good day.  This is your typical I can't get off the couch or out of bed dreary day that feels like a dark cloud is hovering over you.  Your sad, your heart is black, and finding your way out of this madness is debilitating.  I've heard too many times "I know how you feel", but they don't.  "I've been there", but they haven't.  I'm envious of people who don't suffer and have never suffered from depression.  I look at them as though they are clean, without defects, without the sadness.  They call you to check in and you either don't answer the phone, or you do and yes them to death until you can finally get off the phone and escape into your hole.  They don't understand. 

My only hope for myself and for those of you reading who suffer as I do, is to have better days and know that living for those days is worth it.  Because it is, and I think we all know that.  Life is a gift, meant to be enjoyed and lived.  Just know your not alone, because your not.

I would love to hear some comments and your thoughts...

Bath and Body











                          BATH AND BODY


This winter has been brutal for my skin, as I would imagine anyone that lives in the North East feels the effects.  It's 8am here and about 10 degrees.  Yes, it's freezing!  Taking care of my skin has become a job keeping it from cracking and splitting.  The book below has all kind of great recipes that I have been using to keep my skin nourished and refreshed.  You can find it here on Amazon.

It's got great recipes to create depending on your needs from head to toe.  It's also fun to make your own products and the kids like to help out too. 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phone Covers


In a time where our phones are always in our hand, or in close proximity, why not look at something nice instead of the usual black slab?  They have all different covers from bling to wood on the market, and I gathered a few that I thought you'd might like. 

I love fancy, and this one speaks it.  It's for the popular iPhone and not bad priced at $9.10.

Although priced at $26.99, this one below is really cool looking and most teenagers would just love it.  Again, it's for the iPone.
Charming skull iPhone case iphone 4/4s flower case iphone 5 case iphone hard case iPhone clear case iphone cover bling case handmade

The one below is really cool because you can customize everything from the color, frame choice, and font.  It's priced at $39.50 and can be used on the Razr and Droid.  You should check out her shop on etsy too, as she has some really cool personalized stuff.  Click on the picture to get there.

Personalized Motorola Droid Phone Case- Mix and Match Design

At $14.99, the one below is super cute and you can change the colors and fonts, making it truly personalized.  Love this one for the iPhone.

Personalized  iPhone Case Turquoise  Monogram black damask Iphone 4 4S Cover

This one is made of wood and pretty cool for $19.50, again it's for the iPhone.  The site has all different wood covers for phone.  Pretty neat.

iphone 4 case, iphone 4s case, wood iphone 4 / 4s case,  wooden iphone case, 100% cherry wood dandelion iphone case, iphone cover

I was disappointed in my search on Etsy for Droid covers.  I only found one that was even worth while to add to my list here.  Maybe there is a market for them on Etsy...